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Dr. Nemi Bishnoi

B.N.Y.S, MD Acu, R.AP


Pulse Diagnosis Expert 

Professor Traditional


He who helps others heal, Lord takes care of his health. 

Professor Dr. Nemi Bishnoi is a Naturopathy doctor and he has a training and a 15 bed treatment Center in Assagao, Goa.
He is also the founder of Acuveda and the most renowned acupuncturist in the entirety of India.

From the second year of his college education, he began learning Pulse Diagnosis and acupuncture from a senior doctor during his free time (part time).
His parents wanted him to strictly study only in the field of Naturopathy, hence his entire education was done in Sanskrit school.

Dr Nemi runs his clinic with great patience, and performs his private practice for 3-4 hours in the morning along with running a charity based clinic for 3-4 hours in the evenings.

He has followed in the footsteps of his guru and wishes to run a a charity based clinic where every human being can get this traditional method based treatment.

Patients like his method of treatment as Dr Nemi informs the patients of the imbalances in the patient’s body only through the method of Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis. He also explains the imbalances and its’ root cause and devises the treatment plan via acupuncture.

Through traditional science, he emphasises that symptoms are not the disease, but a mere messenger of the disease incubating inside the human body. Hence, the basis of ancient medicine was born purely with the aim of tackling the disease at its’ root cause and not on the symptoms.

Dr Nemi has done 35,000 treatments as per July of 2023.

By the age of 24, he started teaching Acupuncture, Tongue Diagnosis, Pulse Diagnosis and Orthopaedic acupuncture.
His method of teaching is quite unique, as he teaches acupuncture, pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis along with modern anatomy, physiology and organ psychology which is why most of qualified doctors are quite taken aback by this subject.

Dr Nemi renders that acupuncture is a traditional art, and it can be learned by anyone. One simply needs to surrender themselves to the subject as it is substantial knowledge and should be practiced with great respect and dedication.

The setup of Acuveda School and Dr. Nemi’s method of teaching is resembles a a traditional Gurukul. Along with teaching the students the theory, Dr Nemi treats patients in the evenings while simultaneously demonstrating how to execute acupuncture treatments or pulse or tongue diagnoses in front of the entire class.

Records of case studies of pulse and tongue diagnosis of thousands of patients are available at Acuveda thereby making it easy for students to understand.

If you are suffering from any disease then you must visit AcuVeda at-least once for we will not disappoint you.

If you want to pursue your career in acupuncture or simply want to understand this great traditional science then check acupuncture course content and enroll in next course.

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