Day 5


Lecture 9 AM to 1 PM

CHAPTER 1 :- Moxibustion Technique

1.1: Point selection for moxa
~The benefits of moxibustion
~Igniting Healing Energies: Unraveling the Ancient Art of Moxibustion
~Indirect moxa:- Based on Ginger, Salt, Garlic
Moxibustion Technique, Moxibustion therapy along acupuncture

Chapter 2 :- The point selection with the nature of organ

2.1: Acupuncture point in relation with 5 Elements
       ~Point selection from pulse diagnosis
2.2: 5 Elements and 3 Doshas
       ~Vata, pita, kapha points in the meridian
5 elements and Acupuncture points, Ayurvedic acupuncture points

Practical Real Case Lesson with Expert Guidance

Practical: 4PM to 7PM

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