Day 14


Lecture 9 AM to 1 PM

CHAPTER 1 :- breath diagnosis

1.1: The Breath is the king of the senses and the Brain
~Great Communication Tower of the Breath
~Depth of breath and related diagnosis
1.2: 5 floors of breath
~Relation of breath level and senses
~The Spiritual Breath 
breath diagnosis, acupuncture for breathing issues

Chapter 2 :- Urinary Bladder: The Reservoir of Waste and Fluid Management

2.1: Discoloured Tongue
       ~Types of Discoloured
       ~Discoloured tongue, Its Symptoms Cause Acupuncture Treatment
2.2: Understanding the Anatomy and Function of the Urinary Bladder
       ~Study on Urinary Bladder meridian and acupuncture points
       ~In ancient science and traditional medicine connection between the Kidney and Urinary Bladder
acupuncture for urinary bladder

Practical Real Case Lesson with Expert Guidance

Practical: 4PM to 7PM

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