Day 7


Lecture 9 AM to 1 PM

CHAPTER 1 :- the body expresses what the mind suppressed

1.1: Acupuncture Treatments for Liver Imbalance
~Human behavior and disease
~The storaged memory
1.2: My Health vs My Silent Killer
       ~Unveiling the Psychology, Traits, and Dark Desires of Sadistic Minds
       ~The Great Dragon & Phoenix theory
Dragon and Phoenix phase, Dragon and Phoenix phase theory

Chapter 2 :- Your Body's Mighty Filter: The Vital Role of the Liver

2.1: Acupuncture Treatments pulse diagnosis for Liver Imbalance
       ~Study on Liver Meridian and acupuncture points
       ~Liver Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding the Detoxification System
       ~The Ancient Wisdom of Liver and Air elements
       ~Liver emotion and psychology 
2.1: Unmasking the Silent Struggle
       ~Conquering Mental Tension
       ~Strategies to Find Peace Amidst Life’s Chaos
Liver psychology, acupuncture points for liver, liver meridian

Practical Real Case Lesson with Expert Guidance

Practical: 4PM to 7PM

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