Day 6


Lecture 9 AM to 1 PM

CHAPTER 1 :- The natural science of the Lungs

1.1: Acupuncture Treatments pulse diagnosis for Lungs Imbalance  
~Study Lungs Meridian and Acupuncture Points
~The Ancient Wisdom of Lungs and Ether ether element
~Lungs Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding the Respiratory System
~Lungs Emotion and Psychology 
1.2: The secrete behind ida, pingla and sushumna nadi
       ~The Naad (universal sound inside our body)
       ~Exploring the Cosmic Connection: How Lungs and the Universe Share a Breath of Life
The science of Lungs meridian, lungs meridian and acupuncture points, lungs psychology

Chapter 2 :- Prana vidya

2.1: The nose:- Gateway to the inner world
       ~The breath and Lungs
       ~Unlocking the Secrets of Breath: How Your Lungs Can Enhance Your Spiritual Journey
       ~Harmony in Every Breath – Discovering the Dual Forces that Sustain You
Prana vidya, science of breath, connection between breath and organs

Practical Real Case Lesson with Expert Guidance

Practical: 4PM to 7PM

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